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School Dilemma

So for writing class, we have to do a multigenre project of many different types of writing over our chosen central topic. This project is a semester-long and each week we have to add new pieces of writing to our portfolio. We … Continue reading

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Just an Update

As most of you know, school has been a top priority for me. It’s an important part of my life and it gets one step closer to my desired career. I have so wonderful news! Yesterday, I finally received my … Continue reading

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The Real Reason I’m Not Writing As Much

Like I have said before school is really starting to hit me hard with the amount of homework I’ve been consumed with. Each week I have to read five chapters from five different textbooks, take two quizzes, write four discussion posts … Continue reading

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My Ten-Year-Old Short Story: Part 1

When I was talking to M.Gin about her post “I Wrote This? Really?” I couldn’t help notice that she keeps her old pieces of writing just like I do. We were talking about how sometimes  they are embarrassing, but laughable because it … Continue reading

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What is the Most Important Thing in Your Life?

Ask someone this question and you will know more about them and why it is they get up every day. A married couple would probably say their kids, a teenager would probably say their cell phone and a three-year-old would probably … Continue reading

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Real Neat Blog Award

I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by debatablydateable. I love reading her blog because I see a little bit of myself in her posts. She talks about relationships and dating, which if anyone knows, is hard nowadays. If … Continue reading

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What an amazing accomplishment! Thank you all for giving me the power to share my words through my blog. I have always been told you have to give to receive. I give my thoughts, feelings, and ramblings and I receive followers from … Continue reading

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***Brief Hiatus***

School is literally kicking my butt. I’m only taking the bare minimum of courses to be considered full-time, but the coursework is extremely heavy. Three discussion posts weekly, two quizzes weekly, four response posts weekly, three chapters to read weekly, … Continue reading

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An Editorial​ Calander for You

I officially start classes on Monday, which means that all the free time I’ve had will be next to nonexistent. School is an important aspect of my life and I always give 110 percent to my studies. I am taking … Continue reading

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Apple Juice Before Bed

I had a dream last night that I had bugs in my hair. These small itchy black bugs that made a home on my head. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror closely at my unfamiliar face. I cup … Continue reading

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