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Three Day Quote Challenge: Conclusion

Yesterday’s quotes were from the song Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) by, The Weeknd. A beautifully crafted piece of music that was featured on his Trilogy album, where three albums were made into one. If you listen to the … Continue reading

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Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

Yesterday’s quotes were from the movie, Keith. An excerpt from IMDB: “Natalie (Elizabeth Harnois) has it all: yearbook editor, a scholarship to college, star athlete, and a reigning social queen. Then Keith (Jess McCartney) enters her life. He is secretive and enigmatic, … Continue reading

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My Tunnel Song

Remember in Perks of Being a Wallflower when Charlie, Sam, and Patrick are driving in a broken down truck through a tunnel at night? It was equally satisfying to read as well as watch. Sam hears that unknown song that she’d … Continue reading

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Songs That Carry Meaning

Do you ever find an old CD or cassette tape? Or hear an old song come on the radio? It’s a song that you thought you had forgotten. Does it instantly flood you with pure nostalgia? It’s almost as if that song transports … Continue reading

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