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Three Day Quote Challenge: Conclusion

Yesterday’s quotes were from the song Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) by, The Weeknd. A beautifully crafted piece of music that was featured on his Trilogy album, where three albums were made into one. If you listen to the … Continue reading

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Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

Yesterday’s quotes were from the movie, Keith. An excerpt from IMDB: “Natalie (Elizabeth Harnois) has it all: yearbook editor, a scholarship to college, star athlete, and a reigning social queen. Then Keith (Jess McCartney) enters her life. He is secretive and enigmatic, … Continue reading

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Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

Yesterday’s quotes were from my favorite book, Flowers in the Attic by, V.C. Andrews, which Tantei M. Gin successfully guessed. A heartbreaking story about four children who were to be locked away in an attic because of their mother’s greed. Flowers in the Attic has … Continue reading

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Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

For today’s quote challenge, I decided to pick my three favorite quotes from one of my favorite books. It’s my favorite because the writing is simply beautiful. It’s as if each sentence was carefully selected and hand-picked with care. This … Continue reading

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Three Day Quote Challenge

I was nominated by  Tantei M. Gin to participate in a Three Day Quote Challenge. I have honestly never heard of this challenge before and those of you who are just like me, the Three Day Quote Challenge is where you post … Continue reading

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Fun news! I was nominated for two awards! I will schedule my other one for tomorrow. Here is my first one: I was nominated by Bexoxo for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers that bring inspiration … Continue reading

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Movie Quotes that Moved Me

I love to watch movies. There is always a few good ones that stick with me long after I’ve watched them. When a character says something that moves me, it sticks with me forever. Here is a small list of my favorite movie quotes that help me … Continue reading

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Movie Quotes I Use to Insult My Friends

The fact that I can’t see my friends anymore has really set in. I really miss them. One thing I really miss about my friends is our love for quoting movie references. People don’t quite understand or humor, but we like to … Continue reading

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