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Minor Mishaps in My Adolescence

Six My sister and I used to play make-beleive in our living room. We played the typical children game where we couldn’t touch the floor because it was lava. The only way around the room was to stay on the … Continue reading

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The Circle

Growing up in Kansas, I had to walk everywhere. I walked to school. I walked home from school. Sometimes I’ve had to walk to the store. Summertime is when I would find myself doing the most walking. My mom’s job … Continue reading

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Is Clothing Getting Smaller… Or Am I Just Getting Fat?

A lot of clothing industries have come under fire for their clothing sizes being inaccurate of their portrayal of woman sizes. Clothing sizes are indeed getting smaller and it’s making girls feel that their bodies are not okay for society. Why is … Continue reading

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Movie Quotes that Moved Me

I love to watch movies. There is always a few good ones that stick with me long after I’ve watched them. When a character says something that moves me, it sticks with me forever. Here is a small list of my favorite movie quotes that help me … Continue reading

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My younger sister and I have never gotten along. I could tell you more fights that we’ve had then times that we’ve actually enjoyed each other’s company. I really don’t understand why our relationship has been rocky. It could be that … Continue reading

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Apple Juice Before Bed

I had a dream last night that I had bugs in my hair. These small itchy black bugs that made a home on my head. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror closely at my unfamiliar face. I cup … Continue reading

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What We Don’t Tell Our Friends

For the Blogging U prompt it is suggested I try the virtual coffee date, but I don’t drink coffee. In fact, I hate coffee. If I want to meet up with friends we would go and get drinks, particularly margaritas at our … Continue reading

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Mountains Majesty

The mountains envelop the city like a comforting hug as it lines the horizon. The rocky structure is strong and sturdy as if to let the city know it’s protected. It’s comforting to know that the mountains are always there. I admire their beauty whenever I … Continue reading

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Something I’ve Never Told Anyone

To the guy that was mistake, I saw someone today that looked like you. My stomach lurched, my hands were shaking and my heart started racing. Why am I this nervous around you? It’s something that it took me some time … Continue reading

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Be Impulsive and Reckless

I received a lot a backlash from my decision to move. I was told that it was impulsive. That is was reckless. That is was something I will regret. I was told that it was in my best interest to stay. Not once was … Continue reading

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