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School Dilemma

So for writing class, we have to do a multigenre project of many different types of writing over our chosen central topic. This project is a semester-long and each week we have to add new pieces of writing to our portfolio. We … Continue reading

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People Change

I remember when I ran into an old friend when I was out and about running errands one day and I made the mistake of deciding to meet up with them again to “catch up.” As awkward as it was, … Continue reading

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I can’t thank you all enough! Another glorious accomplishment thanks to Bexoxo. I can’t thank her enough for nominating me! This blog is not about the words. They are a perk, but I write what I feel and it’s nice … Continue reading

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Living in the Here and Now

Do you ever find yourself engrossed with what you are doing that you leave reality for just a sliver of a second? You can be doing something so simple you enjoy that you forget all the problems that are currently … Continue reading

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