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Reasons Why You are Selfish

When I call you selfish, you yell and scream at me. I often call you selfish out of anger and you respond with anger. I feel that deep down, you know that you are selfish, which is why you respond … Continue reading

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When I Pray

I have talked about my religious views before and I am not ashamed to tell people what I believe. I have always believed that time will tell if there is an omnipresent being residing over humanity, which is why I … Continue reading

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Things People Ask If You Are From Kansas

I have been living here for officially two months and I have gotten so many funny and quite odd questions about my hometown. Here are a few of those questions: “Do you know Dorothy?” This question is a jab at … Continue reading

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The Un-Bucket List

Since I received such positive feedback from My Reverse Bucket List, I decided to give a go at another type of bucket list. I didn’t realize how many types of bucket lists that are out there and some are actually … Continue reading

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The Reverse Bucket List

Lately, I have been feeling a little down on myself. I feel so bored with my life at the moment. I used to do lots of fun things! Maybe I feel this way because I’m in a happening city and … Continue reading

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Movie Quotes that Moved Me

I love to watch movies. There is always a few good ones that stick with me long after I’ve watched them. When a character says something that moves me, it sticks with me forever. Here is a small list of my favorite movie quotes that help me … Continue reading

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Fashion in a Different State

I am someone who was never into following fashions or styles. I always preferred to wear simple things for comfort or whatever appealed to me at the moment, but I was never afraid to experiment. Kansas style could be defined as laid back, carefree and … Continue reading

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5 Simple Luxuries I Never Thought I Would Take for Granted

In my move to Nevada I had to leave many of my possessions behind. I was trying to move down here efficiently and cheaply, which meant I could only take necessities. I wanted to start over and what better way to … Continue reading

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Movie Quotes I Use to Insult My Friends

The fact that I can’t see my friends anymore has really set in. I really miss them. One thing I really miss about my friends is our love for quoting movie references. People don’t quite understand or humor, but we like to … Continue reading

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The To-Do List

One of the most difficult things about moving to a new city is all things you have to do to finally establish yourself. The first thing I had to do when I moved down here was to move everything into the … Continue reading

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