Meet Me in Nevada



I have lived in the capital city of Kansas my whole life. It is all I know. I have traveled to many other places, but Kansas has always been the place I call home. It’s familiar and it’s sameness  makes me comfortable. I know my way around city like the back of my hand and yet there were times where you would discover a place you had never been before. However, I feel that I have reached the end of my rope of discovering the many different areas of my hometown.

It was a big decision to leave my hometown, family and friends, but yet I have to do what I believe is best for me. This is a big change for me personally because as a Taurus, stubborn in nature, I like things to remain the same. I have welcomed this move to Nevada with open arms. Although, I do find it hard to remind myself that this big move is an optimistic endeavor.

Let me tell you a little about myself:


I am 22 years old.

Things I like: movies, books and music.

Things I’m good at: talking, writing and eating.

Things I love: puppies, mashed potatoes and documentaries about serial killers.

Things I hate: rude people, bacon and dishonesty.

What makes me happy: sunsets, the smell of a new book and palm trees.

What makes me sad: being ignored, the ending of Titanic, and people who talk about you behind your back.

My wish: To understand my purpose as a human being in this world.

*Due to the nature of how I feel about my personal life. I will be keeping my identity a secret. Names and places will be changed to protect me and others that I may discuss. I would like to share my life, experiences and thoughts in this blog.