Just an Update

As most of you know, school has been a top priority for me. It’s an important part of my life and it gets one step closer to my desired career. I have so wonderful news! Yesterday, I finally received my acceptance letter into my program of study. This has been an ongoing struggle for me. It’s not that the program wouldn’t accept me, it’s because I did not have the required tests score to gain admission. Once I was finally able to get the required passing scores, I was able to apply for admission. When I

When I received the letter. I was so excited that I could barely open it. Thoughts raced my mind, “what if I wasn’t going to get in?” “what if I got in?”  I finally just ripped it opened. Hands shaking, I opened the letter and began to read. I read the first word “Congratulations!” I didn’t finish reading the rest because I was overcome with so much joy. I have waited for this moment, a moment I never thought would ever come true.

It’s still unreal. It’s so unreal how close I am to finishing my bachelor degree. I get to meet with my new program advisor next week to map out my degree plan to determine graduation. I am so excited to begin this journey. I feel like I have been fumbling around in the dark for so long. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On another note, I am sorry I haven’t been writing as much as used to. I have had so much going with work, school and family. Writing in my blog more has become a New Year’s resolution of mine. I attend on making sure I keep on updating as much as possible. However, homework comes first.


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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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10 Responses to Just an Update

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Education absolutely comes first. I’ve been cutting back for that reason and so I can write better posts. Best of luck with everything and congratulations indeed!

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  2. Accidentally Single says:

    Congratulations! Dont worry about the quantity of post, it’s always quality. We’ll be here to read your journey whenever you can post. Your first priority is school. Things are really looking up for you. This is a great start to the new year.

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  3. Sarah says:

    Congrats! That’s so awesome for you. I honestly wouldn’t worry about your blog right now. As you say, your school is more important for you at the moment and that is what you should be focusing on. As much as I love reading your posts, I wouldn’t want your school-life to suffer because you feel like you have a but a post out all the time. If you have time, then great but focus on what you want right now and the rest will fall into place 😀

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  4. jadecostello says:

    Congratulations! What an exciting way to start a new year!! Good luck!!

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