Make It Your Year

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Wow, what a year! I don’t believe 2016 wasn’t the worst year in history. I mean in 1347, the plague killed a third of the population and in 1929 the stock market crashed and we suffered the Great Depression. We have a lot to be thankful for this year even though it was not up to everyone’s standards. This year is definitely memorable. We had a lot of unfortunate events take place such as the bombing of the Brussels Airport, the Zika virus causing birth defects, the airstrikes in Aleppo, the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, the Flint Water Crisis, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, horrific police brutality to people of color, and the death of beloved stars. Despite that, we also have had some wonderful things happen. We had the Olympic ceremonies in Brazil and as a nation, we all came together, despite our differences. The Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl and the Cubs winning the World Series and we all rejoiced in this victory. Although there seemed to more bad than good, we all somehow managed to pick ourselves up. Notice the trend? All these events brought us closer together. We can all look past all these bad things and rise up better than before.

The moral of this post is: don’t think that because something bad happened it will break you. You can come back better than you were before. If you are at your lowest point in life, seek people who will help you get through it. You can’t do it alone. Make 2017 a year to remember.



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2 Responses to Make It Your Year

  1. Happy new year! 😊

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  2. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Very important and true! Happy New Year!

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