December 23, 2015

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On December 23, 2015, a best friend of mine, Agatha, from middle school died in a tragic car accident along with her older brother and friend. She was just a few days shy of twenty-two. My best friend Annie received a call from Agatha’s immediate family, she had remained close to her and she relayed the message to me. We were both crushed because she had made a huge impact on our life.

My first impression of Agatha was that I hated her. We were both in the same math class in seventh grade. We had just received our test grades and I was upset with mine. I didn’t do very well, but when I looked over at Agatha, her paper had one missed answer. At lunch, Annie brought her over and introduced her to our lunch table. My hatred for her diminished when I realized how much of great person she was.

The funeral plans were established. Annie and I were trying to figure out a way to drive to Agatha’s hometown of Ellis, Kansas. It would be a seven-hour drive. My car was not up for the trip, I had to keep my car in town. Annie’s car was in no better condition. We were at a loss of what we were going to do until an old “friend” of ours asked if she could accompany us. This old “friend” was Thorn, I talked about her in my post What Do You Call a Friend Whom Are No Longer Friends With? Annie was not all too sure about traveling with her considering our history, but I told myself that I was doing this for Agatha (and we needed a car). When Thorn and Annie picked me up, I get an apathetic apology from Thorn and asked if we could put everything behind us. “Sure,” I mumbled.

The ride down to Ellis was long. We filled the time by reminiscing. We told stories to catch up and sang along to the radio. I felt as if every time I told a story, Thorn would try to top it with something “better.” I kept cool, but inside I was screaming. Thorn pulled out some weed and offered to us. Annie and I took her offer. I am what you would call a “social smoker.” I basically do it when someone offers. I don’t think there is anything wrong with weed every once in a while. Anyways, we were all under the influence and that’s when our conversation began to become more thoughtful and deep.

“Man, why did she have to go so young?” Thorn said.

“She always told me she would die young, “ Annie stated, “It’s weird that she was right.”

“Maybe, her time was up, I said excitedly.

What do you mean?” Annie asked doubtfully.

“Well, maybe we are all here on this Earth trying to figure out what our purpose was and what we are supposed to do. If we don’t figure it out in this life, then we have to keep coming back until we get it right. That’s why we have deja vu. We have all been here before. We keep coming back because we haven’t gotten it right. When we get it right, we get to leave and spend the rest of eternity in pure nirvana. It’s our reward for getting it right and finding our purpose. Maybe Agatha finally got it right and now gets to spend the rest of eternity in nirvana.” I said.

Annie looked at my with a smile on her face. “Wow, that’s so deep.”

Thorn remained silent.

“See, I love weed because it makes you think in ways that you have never thought before,” Annie said.

The funeral was difficult for us, but most of all Annie. She had been the closest to Agatha. Thorn kept making a scene, which made Annie and I embarrassed to be seen with her. I reassured Annie that Agatha was indeed a better place. She half smiled, “Yeah, she’s spending eternity in nirvana. She really was a good person.” 

Today marks one-year since Agatha’s death. She’s in a better place now.


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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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8 Responses to December 23, 2015

  1. May Her soul rest in peace…
    This post really moved me emotionally… I hope you’re doing alright…🙂🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sarah says:

    Anniversaries are hard.. you never really forget the people who were in your life for such a short time. I lost my best friend to cancer when we were 18.. 26 years later I still go past the hospital and think I really need to go visit Tara… they stay with you.. hope you’re doing ok 🙂

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  3. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Oh my gosh that’s a heavy anniversary. I hope you’re doing alright. Take it easy on the smoking!

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