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Sometimes I like to pretend you’re right next to me. You’re touching my shoulder, twirling my hair in your fingers and pulling me closer. You whisper in my ear all the little things that I need to hear to feel okay.

Sometimes I like to pretend you’re sleeping next to me. My head is on your chest as it slowly heaves with every breath you take. Your arm is across my back. The pressure reminds me that I am protected and you won’t let me go.

Sometimes I pretend that I never left. Nothing has changed and everything is the same. I can see you when I want. You’re always there.

Sometimes when I can’t sleep. I pretend. I pretend that you’re here with me.

About meetmeinnevada

A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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10 Responses to Pretend

  1. Sometimes pretending does help to decrease the pain or loss you’re going through!!
    Lovely post by the way…
    Keep writing!!ūüėä

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  2. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Beautiful post! It’s worded very well.

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  3. bexoxo says:

    Love this! You convey your emotion so clearly.

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  4. Dream………..Dream………………Dreammmm……………… Whenever I need you, all I got to do is, Dream Dream Dreammmmmmmmmmmm. That’s a english classic song.
    Sailing in same boat, pinch.

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  5. Your writing style is beautiful. I have been away for 2 months, I am sad I missed so much!!
    And you’re right, pretending is the only thing that helps sail through at times.

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