Things People Ask If You Are From Kansas

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I have been living here for officially two months and I have gotten so many funny and quite odd questions about my hometown. Here are a few of those questions:

“Do you know Dorothy?”

This question is a jab at the movie the Wizard of Oz, which people reference when they know you are from Kansas. Honestly, most people from Kansas hate that movie and I being one of them can’t stand when people ask this question. “No I don’t know Dorothy and if I did, I’d tell her to get the hell out of Kansas.”

“Did you live on a farm?” 

This question really irks me. Why? Because it’s a stereotype. When people think of Kansas they think of living on a dusty farm with cows and a tractor. I don’t know where this stereotype came from. I lived in the capital city, which is one of the second or third largest cities in Kansas. Witchita being the first. “No I lived in the city, but we do have farms. I just didn’t happen to live on one.”

“Don’t you have corn fields?”

Kansas is known for wheat. It is our main export, but we do have cornfields. However, Nebraska is known for producing corn, which is why they have a team named after it. “Yes, lots of places in the midwest do.”

“Are you a Royals fan?”

This question is by far my favorite because ever since the Royals won the world series last year for the first time in thirty years, everyone and I mean everyone seems to be a Royals fan. I say this because when I was growing up, they used to kind of suck. Like really suck because no one really knew of them. I went to few games and they never seemed to win very many, but yet I’d still go to be supportive your state’s baseball team. “No, but at least I’m not a bandwagon fan.

Kansas City is the capital, right? 

When people ask me this question I assume they failed geography or  seventh-grade social studies. Their teachers should feel ashamed. I think this is because it’s where a lot of celebrities are from like Tech N9ne and Paul Rudd, it’s the home city of the Royals and it’s a well-known city. “No, Topeka is and that’s where I used to live.”

“Why don’t you have an accent?” 

Accents are based on regions and sometimes that doesn’t always necessarily mean you will have one. The further down you go South, the heavier the accents. I wouldn’t say I have an accent, I literally moved a couple of states over. However, one thing I noticed is that I say things differently than people down here. For example, I say “pop” when I’m referring to soda. People say soda down here. “Why don’t you?”

I’m curious to know if anyone else has experienced questions when moving to another city/state or even country. I find some funny and I find some annoying, but I like to laugh them off at the end of the day. Ask me a question about Kansas, I actually like answering them. It’s almost comforting.


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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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7 Responses to Things People Ask If You Are From Kansas

  1. Sarah says:

    I feel your pain.. I get it all the time when people find out I’m from New Zealand – after wrongly assuming I’m Australian.. that question probably annoys me the most – ‘What part of Australia are you from?” .. I’M NOT!!!

    We get the Hobbit question a lot – do you have Hobbits in NZ? No, it’s bloody fiction.
    Do you know such and such? No, there are over 4 milion people & I don’t know them all personally.
    Do you have running water in NZ? Yes and it’s hot AND cold.
    Do you have electricity? YES!
    Do you live in huts? What sort of freaking backwards country do you think I come from!!

    Just to name a few haha

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  2. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    I haven’t moved so I don’t really have that issue. 😅 But it’ll never cease to amaze me how insensitive and naive some people can be.

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  3. bexoxo says:

    I’m from northern Virginia and most people automatically think DC/city, but really, I grew up in the middle of the country surrounded by corn fields and cattle. I don’t have an accent unless I get angry; then my country twang starts showing. It’s quite funny actually. My boyfriend can’t take me serious when it happens. 🙂

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