The Invisible Red Thread


I don’t know how much I believe in soulmates, but when I read an article the other day about the invisible red thread I couldn’t help but believe that fate drives us to the people we love.

The invisible red thread sometimes referred to as the red string of fate,  is an East Asian legend where an invisible red string is tied around the ankle or finger of the two people that are destined to be with one another. Like soulmates, these two people are connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This thread may stretch or tangle but never break. What’s interesting about this concept is that unlike a soulmate, instead of searching for your other half, you are finding someone that you are bound to. The thread tugs and pulls you to the person you are destined to be with. It’s important not to fight the thread. It will always be there because it binds you together.

As I was reading this article, I couldn’t help, but think about my relationship with B. At first, it wasn’t even a relationship as I have stated before. We were “friends” with an added sexual advantage, but I wanted something more from him. This arrangement made B happy and if he was happy, I was happy.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. I remember when he decided he didn’t want to live in Kansas anymore, so he moved four hours. He never called me to tell me he was leaving and when he was down there he never contacted me. After a few months, I began to give up hope and tried my best to move on with my life. My friends decided to take me out to celebrate my nineteenth birthday. In the middle of all the festivities, he called me and asked me if it was my birthday. He said he missed me and he was coming back. I was more than overjoyed.

Every relationship has its tests. Like the red string, a test determines the faithfulness of one another. When I had my pregnancy scare, I stopped talking him for a few months to re-evaluate my life and focus on school. I ignored all his calls, his messages and every advance he made. My mom had me when she was young. She had to juggle school and baby. I didn’t want that stress in my life.

Every relationship has its hardship. I remember when everything was going great. I was happy. I was doing well in school, I had a great job and my relationship with B was perfect. It was all too perfect. It was a week before Christmas and B decided it was best that we see other people. My roommate was out of town and I was all alone. I didn’t get out of bed for a week. I was devasted. We had shared so much together, but it didn’t matter.

Every relationship has its moments. I can’t exactly remember why and how we got back together again after that but since then our “relationship” has flourished. It’s like the invisible red thread, no matter how far we stray from each other or how tangled our threads get, we somehow find our way back to each other. Here we are, four years later, and yet we still can’t seem to part ways. Although I live a thousand miles away from him, I can’t bring myself to see other people. I have tired, but he hasn’t. I have been such an important part of his life as he has been in mine. We both have made promises to each other to remain faithful to one another despite distance. I believe that we are supposed to be together.

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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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7 Responses to The Invisible Red Thread

  1. Girl you are still young. Don’t CLING to people who forget you and walk away.
    God already has your Destiny in his hands. If a man leaves you once, don’t accept him back again.

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  2. jadecostello says:

    I like your hope and I love this theory. I also believe in allowing yourself to feel this stuff… even if it hurts in the long run, surely you’d still want to experience all this with him than drop it and always wonder? (I always ask myself this) Sometimes the risk makes it worth it, regardless of what may happen in the future. I love this post, it’s given me a bit of perspective in my own (disastrous) love life 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂 x

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    • I have never heard of before until the other day. Like I said, I don’t know how much I really believe in soulmates but I do in some aspect believe people are meant to be with each other for what ever reason. As disastrous as my love has been, I have always seem to find my way back to the same person. I’m glad you could find some positive from this post.

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