Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3


Yesterday’s quotes were from the movie, Keith. An excerpt from IMDB: “Natalie (Elizabeth Harnois) has it all: yearbook editor, a scholarship to college, star athlete, and a reigning social queen. Then Keith (Jess McCartney) enters her life. He is secretive and enigmatic, he slowly lures her from her comfort zone. The more Keith holds back, the more intrigued she becomes with figuring him out. In her head, she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length, but in her heart, she can’t resist him. As Natalie’s world unravels, both their lives are changed forever.” Keith is based on the short story of the same name by Ron Carlson from his book, Hotel Eden. I never say this, but the movie is just as good as the short story. If you can get past some of the minor changes that were made. A more detailed account of both the book and story for those that are curious can be found here.


Today’s quotes will be from one of my favorite songs. Ask someone what their favorite song is, listen to it and then you will know almost everything there is to know about them. When people ask me to pick my favorite song, I find it hard to do so because I have a wide selection of songs that speak to me. I usually go through phases where I listen to one song on end. I also have a plethora of favorite genres. One might say I am cultured. I love the Beatles (I will not be using a quote of theirs, too easy), 80’s music, classical (specifically Vivaldi) as well music today. I can’t seem to develop an ear for country music, nothing will persuade me otherwise.

It’s almost difficult to find three quotes from one song because there are so many quotes I would love to share from three different songs. The quotes I am going to use for today is from a once-obscure artist back in 2o12, which is when I first started listening to him. It was only last year that one song became a hit and his stardom blew up overnight. The reason I started listening to this artist is because of his lyrics. They were dark and mysterious and each song is a story in its self. When he sings, you can hear the hurt and the anguish as he talks about the life he once led, a life of sex, drugs, and parties. His songs perfectly capture emotions that we sometimes keep to ourselves.

“I was in love with your mystery” 

Have you ever heard a song that attributed to your life so much that you almost read into every word? This is one of those songs. When I first met B, there something that drew me towards him. The more he held back, the more I wanted to know. I didn’t seem to know anything about him. He was mysterious and unlike the any of the other guys I had been with. He was older, more mature and unique.

“I understand what we have become.”

Our relationship was complicated, but passionate. Although it was agreed that is was just sex, I wanted more. We had an arrangement, an understanding of what our “relationship” was, but I still pursued in my attempts to change that. Each time we spent together, I grew more and more attached. I remember hearing a saying from someone that says whenever you have sex with them it’s as if you take a piece of their soul with you. I felt that each time committed the act, he took a piece of me. It got to the point where felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, but I still kept coming back.

“You’re gonna hate him

Then you’ll want me 

Then you’ll miss him 

Then you’ll hate me.”

Near the end of the song or known as the bridge, he repeats this like a mantra. I believe everyone in a way can relate this when they are in a relationship that they know is not necessarily good for him. It’s like in Perks of Being Wallflower, we accept the love we think we deserve.  I went through phases of hating B and then wanting him because I missed him and then I’d go back to hating him again for not trying to turn this into something more. If you ask me about him now, I miss him.     

What is the name of this song? Bonus points for knowing the album! You may know who this artist is now. He is quite famous. I will announce the answer sometime later tonight as well as my nominations (if you choose to participate).

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  1. Rachel Ann says:

    Love a quote challenge! What a great idea to work on. 🙂 Thumbs up!

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