Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

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Yesterday’s quotes were from my favorite book, Flowers in the Attic by, V.C. Andrews, which Tantei M. Gin successfully guessed. A heartbreaking story about four children who were to be locked away in an attic because of their mother’s greed. Flowers in the Attic has sold over millions of copies as well as been adapted into a movie, twice. The writing is exceptionally beautiful, which is why a lot of my favorite quotes resonate from there.


Today’s quotes will be from a favorite movie of mine. This movie is relatively obscure, but that’s what makes a movie like this unique. A classic girl meets boy story, but with an unpredictable twist. This boy changes this girl’s life in a way that she can’t understand, but she learns that it benefitted her in unimaginable ways.

“What’s the rush? We’re here in a yellow truck, a road ahead of us and nothing but opportunities.”

One of my all-time favorite lines from this movie. It is the basis of the movie: the yellow truck and opportunities. This quote speaks for itself.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” 

“Who do YOU think I am?” 

This quirky banter between the two made me laugh as well as question the thought that was put into this snarky statement. It reminds me of The Breakfast Club ending where Brian finally answer the principal’s question, on the group’s behalf, of who they think they are. It wasn’t the answer that he had hoped for, but it was never more true. People see you as they want to see you.  

“Just think, years from now you’re gonna have a big huge family, you’re gonna want to share stories and one of those stories will be: when you were in high school you put a bowling ball on your chemistry teacher’s front porch and his name was Walt.” 

Do you have a funny story from your revolting youth that you hope to share with your children? This quote is exceptionally deep to me because sometimes we rush our lives away and forget that we need to have fun and live in the moment. I have my fair share of funny stories and some I hope one day to share with my children.

I remember in junior high, a friend and I snuck out to go meet with two boys in our class. Probably one of the most boring nights ever, but it was thrilling, to say the least. My friend has a crush on one of the boys She didn’t want to go alone and encouraged me to come because the boy was bringing a friend. We didn’t get caught, but we did have to hide in the closet when the boys’ parents came down to check on him. We were in there for what seemed like an eternity. It smelled awful.

What movie is this from? Answer the question by posting your answer the comment section. I will announce the movie these quotes are from tomorrow.


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