Work Dilemma



I have a dilemma. I love my job and I love the people I work with, however, I wish that there was something I could do about Kaylee who is not as happy as I am. The conflict that I spoke of in my post, The Start of a Workplace Friendship seems to be gaining moment each day. I am very certain one of the girls we work with does not like either of us, but mainly her hatred is directed towards Kaylee.

Last week, Kaylee came up to me:

“Hey, was the door locked when you got here?” she asked quizzically.

I  look at her skeptically because when I arrived just ten minutes before her it was unlocked. “No.”

“The door was locked so I had to walk all the way around to the front to get in.” 

“That’s weird!” I stated.

“I think it was her,” she whispered. “As I was pulling into the parking lot, I saw her outside. I think she saw it was me and pulled the door closed so I couldn’t get in.” 

“No, it can’t be,” I laughed.

I tried to distract her by swapping our given workload. She is more confident in one area and I am confident in both. This made her feel better, but I could tell this situation was still bothering her.

Today, the girl came up to her and whispered something to her before sauntering off. She smirked as she walked off and Kaylee walked my way rolling her eyes.

“What did she say?” I asked.

“She said my shorts were too short and that she was just telling me to help me, not hurt me. Yeah right.” Kaylee scoffed.

I looked down at her shorts, but honestly, they looked fine. “They aren’t that short.” 

“It’s because I have big thighs! I’ve seen her wear shorts just like mine, plus I talked to our boss and she said they were fine.” 

“You should have just told her that you talked to the boss and she said it was okay.”

“It doesn’t matter,” she sighed.

I’ve really grown concerned for Kaylee. It’s not fair that she is being treated this way. I want to say something, but it ‘s not really my place. I feel if I say something to the girl or even to our boss then I will stepping on toes. I just believe that people shouldn’t fear the environment they are working in. It should be welcoming, especially when you are new.


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18 Responses to Work Dilemma

  1. True, a person shouldn’t fear the environment in which they work; yet, it is your friend who has to speak up for herself and make it be known that she belongs in that territory and no one can say different.

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  2. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Why isn’t it your place? I think standing up for your fellow co-workers is absolutely in your place.

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    • Thank you! I feel that way, but I just don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, which is why I really haven’t said anything. I really want to.


      • TheOriginalPhoenix says:

        When you say step on someone’s toes do you mean like being a snitch? Sorry I’m not exactly sure what you mean. But if you mean by being a snitch, I don’t think you’d be one at all. I actually hate people who call other snitches when they call people out on bad behavior. I mean way to preach injustice.

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      • I mean that I don’t want to give a reason for people to hate me. Since it is not me who it is happening I don’t think I should be the one to tell on her. Does that make sense?


      • TheOriginalPhoenix says:

        Ahh I understand now. I completely get that you don’t want to make enemies. That isn’t ideal in the workplace at all. But doesn’t your workplace have anonymous reporting? (Isn’t that what the Human Resources department is usually for?)


      • We do have some sort of anonymous way to address our corcerns but it’s not very anonymous. I work with seven other employees and out of those seven, two of us (including me) are new. So it’s not hard to tell who told on who.


  3. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Ah I see what the problem is. Have you encouraged your co-worker to speak for herself? Is that something she’d be willing to do?

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    • I have asked her and she told me she was fine and that she is just going to ignore her. I told her that she needs to say something to her and if all else fails, go to our boss and express your concerns. There is no reason for her to be treated like that. It’s not fair.


      • TheOriginalPhoenix says:

        Well you’ve done all you can then. 🙂 It seems like you’re more bothered by it than she is and honestly I’d say if she isn’t worried then you should try to let it go.


      • TheOriginalPhoenix says:

        I know how it feels to care more about someone than they seem to care for themselves, it gets pretty distressing but it’s like you need to realize you deserve better than that.

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  4. Accidentally Single says:

    Maybe the other girl is intimidated by her. I learned the “mean girl” and “gossip girl” phase doesn’t stop in high school. Work can be just like a high school playground.

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  5. gc1963 says:

    Working in such an atmosphere can really be trying….but facing such situations can also shape us for the future and empower us to face adversities and hostilities

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