A (Real) Nightmare

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I never tell people my dreams. They are often very peculiar to recount and generally no one believes me. For example, I once had a dream that Miley Cyrus and I had a farm where we planted corn. She ruined the crop and we died of starvation. Another example, I had a dream where I lived in a tiny apartment with two Mexican men and blonde bi-sexual whore. They asked me to make pizza one night. I burned it. They kicked me out.

I do, however, tell people my nightmares. No one usually believes me when I tell them, but I want them to believe. “Oh, you just fell asleep watching a horror movie again,” they’d say. I do watch horror movies before bed because they calm down, but it in no way attributes to my nightmares. These feel far too real. My nightmares usually occur for one of the following reasons: I am cold, laying on my back or stressed. A mixture of all three is a recipe for trouble.

Last night, I was having trouble sleeping. My mind was tossing ideas up in the air and I trying hard to quiet them by placing a jolly tune in my head. When sleep succumbed I was more than thrilled, my tired eyes closed and I drifted. That’s when I felt it. My eyes opened abruptly and felt my body stiff and paralyzed. I was having another episode of sleep paralysis. I find this hard to explain to people who have never had it. During an episode, I usually see the same thing, shadow people, a spider or a growling dog. This episode was far different than the rest.

All around me, the room was shimmering like static on a television. There were bright lights descending over my head and then I immediately felt myself rise from my bed. I felt as if I was being lifted, gaining altitude each second. I was able to gain control of my hand, thus grabbing my bed sheets. Generally, during an episode of sleep paralysis, you cannot move or speak. You can only watch as the events unfold. I tried my best to make a noise as I descended higher towards the bright light, I was successful, but I doubt it really could be heard. It felt like an eternity before I could shake myself free of these paralyzing effects and when I did the static that surrounded the room remained, but the light was gone. My room felt foreign. It did not feel like mine. I didn’t like I was at home. The time said 2:38 AM. I  turned over on my side and tried to pretend what I experienced never happened.

Talking about it now, the episode reminds me of the American Horror Story season 6 promo, Camp Sight. Call me crazy, but I whatever it was I experienced was very real. Maybe it was the stress or maybe I was cold. All I know is that it was unlike any other dream I’ve ever had.


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26 Responses to A (Real) Nightmare

  1. That is so scary! I have nightmares often too. More often it is about me being trapped somewhere while something scary is outside. Last nightmare it was zombies. I have had dogs, winged creatures, shadow people all those scary stuff too but not sleep paralysis.


    • Sleep paralysis is a waking state. When you are asleep your brain shuts your muscles so you don’t act out your dreams, which is what causes paralysis. Many people who have episodes of sleep paralysis have horrible hallicinations that feel lifelike. It is really scary because many of them are almost demonic. I feel like the sleep paralysis is what makes it real. Also, I feel like I am the only one who sees shadow people. They really freak me out!

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  2. Damn!!!
    That was totally unexpected…
    Well in my case I’ve experienced all types of feelings that includes: Daydreaming, Spacing out, Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, once or twice even a bit like lucid dreaming as well…
    And in my dreams I’m the one with whom something happens like a gruesome transformation or some gory parts…

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  3. Oh my dear.. that’s extremely scary..
    Reading it felt so real. I have heard such episodes when you cannot wake up.. I read somewhere that it’s a very bad sign…


  4. 83unsungheroes says:

    You burned pizza and don’t classify that as a nightmare?!

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  6. Two things this is crazy, we must be kindred spirits (that’s not the 2 things btw), because I am relating to a lot of which that is happens . One being people’s reactions, they never understand & two, I had a dream that Paul walker & I were kayaking. It was an extremely weird dream, but very visual. Side by side. & when a wave came we had to do this circle thingy were you turn with the boat. I have never been kayaking before but I can only imagine. Esp. After that. This was after he died & when I woke up it was his birthday, seen on t.v later that day. Never been a huge fan, I mean I liked him, his works & his eyes are gorgeous, but idk why him.
    Lastly , I have never had a dream such as intense as yours but something similar. A long time ago a my old house i had a dream I woke up in my room, in the dark, on my back heads at my side & yet I could not move. I didn’t try to talk I was too scared. A black figure was above me. It didn’t look like anything but a black hole but I felt like something was stared back. & I felt like children were running around my bed at the speed of light. I couldn’t see them either, but they were singing a song I couldn’t make out almost in a whisper. When I woke up I was in my room, it was dark, I was laying on my back , but no black figure or children. I jumped out of bed & turned on my light. Slept with the light on for weeks after that. When I spoke to my friends mother about whom is very religious, but practice differently in the Spanish culture said that she believes death came to see me & the Angels aka the children came to wish it away. I don’t know what scared me more the dream or the explanation I got.

    I very much so believe you & if you ask me it’s exactly what you think or thought it is. However irrational that may sound.


    • Crazy!!! Your celebrity dream was better than my Miley Cyrus. Chick didn’t even know how to plant craps lol. Omg! That is some scary stuff. Those are the ones that I recall the best, how I felt, what I saw and every little detail. When you said “it’s exactly what you think or thought it is” really scared me. I keep telling myself that it didn’t happen, but it was too real. I’m pretty sure I almost got abducted. One thing that freaks me out more is aliens. I do spiders, snakes or bugs but I can’t do aliens.

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      • Agreed. I feel as though anyone who doesn’t believe in them at least are naive to think that we as humans are the superior being & the only ones who can live, breathe, & evolve on this planet or others. Aliens = foreign or unknown people or objects whomever they are they are far move advance than we are. There’s are many accounts of them interacting with us but never us going to that. That being one example. Scary stuff but not unlikely .


      • I think that’s what freaks me out about them. We don’t know what they are capable of and there are many accounts of people coming into contact with them (which is called the third kind, the first kind is sighting, the second kind is evidence, third is contact and the fourth kind is abduction). There are crazy stories of people coming into contact and they all are viriually the same. It is pretty scary, but it not unlikely, which is why I can’t rule out what I expereinced to be something possibly exterrestrial.

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      • sorry i must have worded that wrong. what i meant by people contacting them I mean by actually going to them. Home visits, as they do. They have made it to our planet & are capable, but we are not. As of yet.


      • You worded it fine. The third kind, contact, is when they make contact with us. Have you seen Dark Skies? It’s on Netflix. Same concept as fourth kind, but a little creepier because it’s based on some fact. I reccommend watching it. It’s so good.

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      • Never heard of it, but I am excited to watch now especially given this convo. Have you researched aliens & the pyramids? I don’t know the exact title, it has been awhile since I watched, but it’s really interesting.


      • There is something on Netflix I have seen. Something called anicent aliens. The only reasons I haven’t is because watching stuff that’s “real” about them freak me out a little. I will give it try since you are going to give my movie a try. I promise it won’t disappoint. Let me know what you think! I always reccommend it to friends.

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      • Ok cool & will do! It does freak me out too, but what freaks me out more is actually not knowing. Sometimes something can appear to be much scarier than it really is until you get to know it. not saying this is true, because obviously I don’t know, but it is a possibly that they are just as scared as we are, probably on some alien blog discussing us right now lol


      • Haha lol. I doubt they are scared of us. I think they take pity on us, which is why they study us. They are far more advanced than we are. That’s what Dark Skies is all about. They are studying a family. It’s crazy. There is some truth to it.

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  7. Hands at my side* not heads damn autocorrect


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