The Start of a Workplace Friendship



When a friendship begins, it is usually because there is a common area of interest and shared values.  From experience, that’s usually how some of my work friendships have started. I actually have started to talk to another girl at my job. I have found that we have a lot in common, such as the same areas of study, the same attitude for swearing and same negative vibe another employee gives us.

Kaylie started talking to me about the second day we worked together. It was usually mundane conversation:

How are you?”  she’d asked.

Oh, I’m just tired. How are you?”

I’m okay, she’d respond.

This mundane conversation would continue for the rest of the week.


The next week, our conversation seemed to delve deeper as we began to learn more about each other:

Are you in school?” I asked.

Yes,” she smiled and pointed to her lanyard that read Nevada State.

Me too!” I said excitedly.

Really? What classes are you taking?”

We chattered back and forth until we had to part ways into our different work areas.


Our conversation manifested today. We began to become more trusting. We confided in each other. I believed that since we are both are new to the team, it drew us together.

Kaylee pulled me to the side before we were supposed to meet up with everyone for the assembly.

Hey, you know that girl that works at the front? I can’t remember her name.

Yeah,” I said. “What about her?

I get like this weird vibe from her. I feel like she doesn’t like me,” she said worriedly.

I look over at the girl who sitting at the front, looking at the computer screen.

I shake my head. “I don’t get that.”

As the day wore on, I began to feel exactly what Kaylee had described. Her hatred was mainly directed more at Kaylee than I, but I too could feel her concern. Whenever Kaylee spoke, she’d roll her eyes and silently scoff as if everything she said was ignorant and childish. When I or Kaylee walk past her, she never gives eye contact or a smile like the other employees do. Whenever Kaylee asks her a question she treats it like an inconvenience. I am new to the workplace, but not to the organization. However, Kaylee is new to both. I’m not quite sure exactly why this girl acts rudely to us, but mainly towards Kaylee, but it frustrates me. I am glad that she was able to confide her concerns with me because we all need support in a new environment.

Sometimes in a new an environment it is nice to find someone like you.



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10 Responses to The Start of a Workplace Friendship

  1. soulestories says:

    Congrats on your newfound friendship! 🙂

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  2. jadecostello says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to deal with obvious dislike in the workplace, but I think Kaylee should (figuratively) flip her the bird and be overly patient and nice – that seems to annoy them more 😉 (I’m a bit of an antagonist though >_< ) No one likes a bully, but I'm sure your budding friendship will help her! 🙂 x

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    • Lol thanks. I don’t know what it is or why. I asked Kaylee why she would give the girl any reason to dislike her and all she can recall is that one of other co-workers J said that he liked Kaylee a whole lot more. Maybe she was stepping in territory that’s not hers. Whatever it is this girl is being petty and childish.


  3. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    I feel this way in my new environment (university.) I’m not at the same point as you yet but congratulations!

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  4. It’s difficult to find someone like you everywhere, but if you get one it so much eases the tension in a new environment.

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