The Un-Bucket List


Since I received such positive feedback from My Reverse Bucket List, I decided to give a go at another type of bucket list. I didn’t realize how many types of bucket lists that are out there and some are actually quite fun. I found the idea for what would be called The Un-Bucket List. What is The Un-Bucket List? It is a list of things that you have tried and never will try again.

Here is my un-bucket list:

  1. Binge drink in one night (I was 21 and I had a little too much fun. I was puking my guts out the next day. The saying “remember that one drink that taste like the time you almost died” is true.)


2. Smoke a cigarette (peer pressure is bitch)

3. Babysit while hungover (I like to tell my friends that it is no problem to watch their kids. I need to learn to say no when I’m not feeling well)

3. Put my trust in new people I meet (it got screwed over)

4. Ride the Tower of Tower at Disney World (I heard its closing… Good riddance)

Image result for disney tower of terror

5. Not seek help for my mental illness

6. Eat food without knowing what it is (didn’t realize I would have an allergy to it)

7. Ride a bike down a steep hill

9. Watch the documentary The Nightmare (it scared me shitless and I didn’t get a good night’ sleep for a week).

Image result for a nightmare documentary

10. Skip class in college (I’m putting my hard-earned money into schooling and skipping class is like throwing it away)

11. Bleach my hair (it took me two years to grow out. It’s almost all out. One more trip to the hairdresser and I will have my natural jet black hair back)

12. Work for a food industry (people are rude and I have stories of their rudeness)

13.  Tell myself that it was okay to let me best friend date the guy liked (we are not friends anymore and it is not because of this reason)

14. Throw out old diaries and journals

15. Have a one night stand (as embarrassing as this is to put this on here it something that I need to amend to myself. It was stupid and reckless)

16. Go on a road trip with someone I don’t get along with (I don’t know why I remember now, but last year back in December two old friends of mine from middle school decided to drive to Elkhart, Kansas, about eight or so hours from my hometown, to go to the funeral of our friend who died in a serious car accident.One friend, I was fine with, the other we had a falling out. It was a long drive (to me at least). She is and always will be a toxic person. I hate to say it but we used her for her car.)

17. Sit through another cheer competition (my house was divided, dance vs. cheer, competitive, I was always dragged to cheer competitions. I hated it)

18. Read Fifty Shades again (the writing was terrible and it’s a sad excuse for a book)


19. Quit an exercise and dietary regimen (last summer I was almost in the best shape of my life. I had lost 4o pounds, felt confident and was fit. I stopped because life happens.)

20. Pierce my own ears (I had originally pierced, they closed up so I re-pierced them. Hurt. Like. Hell)

Why try The Un-Bucket List? It’s almost a funny reminder of all the crazy things you tried and hated or of the things that you never intended to try but found yourself in the situation and disliked. It’s a lot harder than I thought. You can be as explicit as you like. Give it a shot and see what you come with.


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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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12 Responses to The Un-Bucket List

  1. JStandish says:

    I can’t believe they’re closing the Tower of Terror, I love that ride! 😦 hopefully the ride stays the same and they just give a ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ make over. Like Universal did with the Back to Future/(now) Simpsons ride!

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    • That ride literally scared me shitless. I don’t like the feeling of my stomach being dropped continuously. It hurt like hell. It felt like my stomach was in my throat. I’m not sure what they are doing, but like you said it may get revamped. A lot stuff gets redone to keep it relevant with the public’s interest. I guess Tower of Terror is too 90’s. That’s when the movie came out. Most kids don’t even know what that is or what the Twilight zone is. Sad.

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      • JStandish says:

        I used to be terrified of rides, but after my brother & two cousins wrestled me onto Kracken at Seaworld I caught the rollercoaster bug and I have loved them ever since!

        Kids these days know nothing of dial up Internet, window winders, floppy discs or VHS. Such a shame 😦


      • I love roller coasters just not rides that do continuous death drops lol. I loved that ride! Did you ride the Manta? The roller coaster where you ride it on your stomach? That was my favorite.

        Sadly, kids don’t know much about anything like that anymore. They are too absorbed with their technology. They may know what it is because they “watched YouTube videos” about it. I hate when they say that. I hate YouTube now because all it is is a bunch of teenybopper trolls.


  2. Any ride that lets me taste last week’s meal in my throat again should be preserved forever. Sad to hear it go. Not that I plan on ever going back to Disney but…it’d make me happy to know it’s still there terrorizing kids and ruining childhoods.
    And I don’t ever have to fear for running out of things to write so long as you keep providing me with great ideas!

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  3. I love that you did this post.I never knew there were so many types of lists! Since you read my post about my anti-bucket list you know I am not going down the fifty shades path again lol. Also I am never eating food I don’t know about again.I tasted duck soup once and it turned out to be horrible ugh.

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    • It’s a funny reminder but also just to say,”yeah I have tried it, but I never will again.” Lol. Fifty shades was okay, but the writing was horrid. If was read “my inner goddess” nonsense one more time I was going to throw the book. Like what is that and why did the writer think it was okay?

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  4. Sarah says:

    I can relate to a couple of those – I pierced my own ears when I was 14 because my mum wouldn’t let me get them done again. So when she went to visit my nana, I took it upon myself to pierce my own ears… with earrings … and no ice… I think I’ve blocked out how much it hurt!
    The other one is Point One: 9th June 2006 … less said about that day/night, the better!!!

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