I was reading an article a fellow blogger had posted about being a college student experiencing bouts of loneliness during the academic year. I couldn’t agree more about these debilitating effects that plague students like me during this difficult time. What I believe is most frustrating and what the article perfectly described, is that there are thousands of students on campus and yet it is almost difficult to make a connection.

I remember in a psychology class I had taken a few years back, we talked about the different types of loneliness that effect people. There were two in particular that I find myself struggling with on a day to day basis, which is social and interpersonal loneliness.

Social loneliness is a blatantly obvious perspective that I have been dealing with firsthand. I’m at a new school. I’m in a new state. I’m in a new city. I’m in a whole new world. It’s hard for me to gain the social interaction in such an unfamiliar place to me. I text and call my friends and family once a week, but that doesn’t fulfill the social interaction that I am craving. With loneliness, comes the feeling of isolation. I hate that feeling. I shouldn’t feel this way, but the people I know are a thousand miles away from me and I have yet to meet anyone new. This feeling has always been something was hard to deal with. In high school, I was always the saddest when my best friend, Bee didn’t show up to school. I ate lunch alone. I walked to my classes alone. I went home alone. I knew she would be back the next day, but it was hard for me to deal with the stress of being alone. I needed someone to talk to.

Interpersonal loneliness is something that I have dealt with since building my intimate relationship with B. I remember one night my friend Keke, my roommate Kat and I went out. We were on our way back home when Keke received a call from a male friend of hers. She was little drunk, slurring her words and laughing as she confirmed that she could swing by. Kat was a little upset and refused to take her.

“If you aren’t going to take me, I will get out and walk.” Keke blurted.

When we came to a stop sign, Keke got out the car and began walking towards her friend’s house. Kat got out of the car and tried to stop her, but when Keke has tossed a few back it is almost difficult to persuade her otherwise. She was walking away angrily as Kat and tried to chase her down. We tried our best to coax her back into the car, but our attempts went unheard.

“You don’t understand! I need male attention!” she yelled.

“You have male attention.” Kat said, “Your son.”

“No, bitch. That’s not the kind of male attention I’m wanting!”

It was in that moment that I understood what Keke meant and why she was angry. She was lonely and lacked a significant relationship with someone of the opposite sex. I know I feel that way sometimes. I need that affection of a male to help cope with the loneliness. Because of this, I have been missing B more than usual these days.

Although, this crippling loneliness has been a challenge to overcome I have found different ways to distract myself such as going to the pool, going for long walks and reading intellectually stimulating books. I can only stave this off for so long.


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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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8 Responses to Loneliness

  1. Accidentally Single says:

    Have you ever thought of trying new groups? Free yoga, cooking classes, running on weekends, search free weekend classes in your area, etc.? The only way to meet people is to go out. You can’t use a job to make “new friends “. In my opinion that’s the worst place to try and make friends. Be careful of distractions as sometimes we let the wrong ones enter in due to lonliness.

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    • meetmeinnevada says:

      I really don’t talk to people at my job. I completely agree that it is the worse way. The problem with finding groups is having the time. I was looking into some the clubs at my school and none of them really interest me. As for the classes, a lot stuff costs down here believe it or not. I mean what can you expect from Vegas.

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  2. soulestories says:

    As shy and quiet that I am, I somehow always find myself gaining friends. Can’t imagine what it’s like in your situation, but I really hope you meet kind soul soon.

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    • meetmeinnevada says:

      Thanks for the support. I never was a shy child. My mom said I would talk to strangers. Anyone was worthy of my conversation. You kind of expect to make friends right off the bat because that’s what happens in movies. A kid moves to a new school/city and almost immediately on the first day makes a friend. I wish it would happen like that, but unfortunately life doesn’t always happen that way.


  3. eleisha01 says:

    Good on you for being brave enough to talk openly about feeling lonely, there is such a stigma attached to loneliness even though so many of us feel the same way at some stage in our lives!

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