A Day at the Pool



One my days off, I like to spend my alone time at the pool. I usually take a book, my headphones, and my water bottle. I find a spot next to a palm tree that offers comforting shade and I lay out soaking up the sun. I’m usually one of the only ones at the pool during the day so I tune out the world by diving into my book and tune out with relaxing music. I was reading my favorite book, Flowers in the Attic, for the eighth time. It’s a book that relaxes me and puts my mind at ease. I love to read the beautiful language that the author uses as she paints her story. I was in my the world of betrayal and innocence when I noticed the shadow of someone standing over me. A guy, towering six feet tall, tanned, muscled and a smile that could be seen in a toothpaste commercial.

“What are you reading?”   he asked.

His muffled voice penetrated through my earbuds. I pulled one out of my ear, and apologized for my rudeness and asked him to repeat what he had asked to make sure I heard correctly.

“What are you reading? Are you reading anything good?” he asked.

“Flowers in the Attic,” I said hesitantly and flashed him the cover.

“Interesting,” he said examining the cover. He sauntered over to the hot tub and switched on the jets.

I found myself observing him. It was as if he was putting on a show. Submerging into the bubbly pool, splashing water onto his body and casually flexing his muscles. I tried to direct my gaze back to my book. It was extremely difficult to focus with a seemingly perfect male specimen strutting about in front of me. I was reading the same sentence, over and over.

A wet drop landed on my shoulder and I looked up. The sky was beginning to become clouded. More drops began to fall and slowly started to rain. Fat drops were littering the ground and the sidewalk absorbed it. I hurriedly grabbed my stuff and ran back to my apartment. Saved by the rain.



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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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16 Responses to A Day at the Pool

  1. ickarus1976 says:

    Haha,saved from male specimen, i liked that.

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  2. Flowers in the Attic, huh? That was…that was quite the read. So twisted in like a…beautiful Victorian painting kind of way.

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    • meetmeinnevada says:

      I like the way you described it. It’s my favorite book. I’ve read it so much that I could recite it to you. It is beautiful, not what happened in the story, but V.C. Andrews is such amazing writer. Her words woo me. That’s why keep reading it so much.

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      • I agree. Maybe that’s why it’s so…oh god I hate calling it ‘fun’ to read but like…what she can get away with writing because her prose is so skilled is just fascinating. I don’t know if I’d be more impressed if she tried to do a cookbook or a how-to guide to removing ingrown hairs. You know she’d write the crap out of it though.


      • meetmeinnevada says:

        Exactly! I recall picking up a book by her that was recently published, but I thought it was weird because she had died. Apparently, her son is writing under her pseudonym and he does not have the prose that she has. I was severely disappointed.

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      • Iono…is that…sweet to carry on her memory or…icky that he’s using her already established reputation? Especially if he isn’t writing at her level or in her style.

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      • meetmeinnevada says:

        It’s bittersweet. Sweet that he is carrying on her memory, but extremely bitter that he decided to use her name for a story about vampire relationship… It’s been overdone! Lol

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      • Oh god, yes, I agree. Hahah.

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  3. 😂😂 loved this, “saved by the rain”!

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  4. Cezane says:

    I like the story title 😄


  5. Accidentally Single says:

    Lol oh he plotted that one well. He was surely putting on a show. I’m sure you’ll see him again soon.

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