Haunted Park

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With Halloween vastly approaching, just about anyone is looking for a cheap scare. I have always loved ghost stories, urban legends and creepy folktales. I can’t quite explain it, but it has always been something that has interested me. We had quite a few haunted places back in Kansas and I did venture to them because curiosity always gets the better of me. We had our fair share. A haunted high school, a cemetery the Albino Lady and a church with a passage to hell. I recently found out there is a haunted park near my residence. A haunted park? Yes. A haunted park, but only after dark.

Legend says that a little boy haunts the park. Many aren’t sure exactly when this happened, but many are sure that is a drunk driving incident that killed the boy. It’s said that if you venture the park after midnight you will see the apparition of a six-year-old boy swinging on the creaky swing set. What people must remember is that they are not to disturb the boy when he’s swinging. He doesn’t like to be disturbed. If you approach him and break him of his reverie he’ll turn demonic and disappear. Swing beside him if you dare.

I hope to one day visit this haunted park. Locals rave about how great of a scare it is, but to be careful. Police patrol the park after midnight and make sure you leave when the park closes. I will be adding this my Experiences To Be Had page and will post about it when I go and visit. Do you have haunted places in your town? Go visit them if you can. It’s a fun scare!


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3 Responses to Haunted Park

  1. My high school was right across the street from one of the largest cemeteries in the county. I always felt it was a poignant reminder of just how much high school teenage drama actually amounted to in the long run. Hahah. I used to walk through it with a little paranormal club I started in school and we’d visit Gravity Hill (I’m from NJ) and the Devil’s Tower or go hunting the Jersey Devil. Great post!

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