Songs That Carry Meaning

Do you ever find an old CD or cassette tape? Or hear an old song come on the radio? It’s a song that you thought you had forgotten. Does it instantly flood you with pure nostalgia? It’s almost as if that song transports you back to that exact moment in time. You emotions, the feelings. Why do songs carry so much meaning?

When I hear the song Piano Man by, Billy Joel it takes me back to my early days in my childhood. I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house and she loved to play music. She had a black stereo with red light that would sit atop a tall narrow bookshelf. She’d select a CD with the upmost care, place into the changer and press play. The house would be filled the lyrical piano playing of Billy Joel. She’d hum as she tidied up the house.

When I hear the song You and Me by, Lifehouse it takes me back to when I started talking to my first boyfriend. It began with the passing of notes on art class. The teacher didn’t like when we talked so we nonchalantly passed little notes to one another. In the note he said his favorite song was You and Me. He let me listen to it and I immediately fell in love. From there our relationship blossomed. It became our song.

When I hear the song We Are Young, by F.U.N. it takes me back to my senior year of high school. My friends and I were leaving a party late one night and as we walked together back to our cars, arms around one another, we began to sing the chorus of We Are Young. We belt it out at the top of our lungs, screaming loudly. We were staggering about as if we were drunk, but off of alcohol, on life. We were living in the moment. Enjoying our last days as seniors in high school. Tonight was our night.

Listen to those old forgotten songs and see what memories they conjures. Some songs are better than others. There are some that bring happy memories like good times with friends, first love or vacations and there a some that remind you of heartbreak or loss. Sometimes a song is the key to a forgotten memory.


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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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5 Responses to Songs That Carry Meaning

  1. We Are Young always reminds me of old Irish drinking songs. The kind you and your friends know by heart and start in a bar and everyone joins in and bangs their mugs on the wood tables.

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  2. Sarah says:

    Certain songs definitely bring up feelings.. in a good & bad way sometimes

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  3. kurtislunz says:

    Heh, you post just reminded of something from yesterday. There’s this song “Landslide”, I think it used to play almost daily on my bus ride for at least year when I was in middle school. On top of that, I think it was the dixie chicks version because the bus driver liked country music. I’m pretty sure I hated that song. However, just the other day, I heard a song that reminded me of it, and I started practicing it on my ukulele. It’s kind of like I like the song now; although, I listen to the Fleetwood Mac version when I practice. I’m not sure how different they really are.

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    • meetmeinnevada says:

      You are right. There are two versions of that song the Dixie Chicks and Fleetwood Mac. It’s actually Stevie Nicks who wrote it and sang it. I prefer her version. The difference really is one sounds more country and the other sounds more folk.

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