Fashion in a Different State

I am someone who was never into following fashions or styles. I always preferred to wear simple things for comfort or whatever appealed to me at the moment, but I was never afraid to experiment. Kansas style could be defined as laid back, carefree and simple. Nevada’s style is a complete 360 of what I’m used to in Kansas. It’s more trendy, stylish and edgy. Although I never really cared for fashion I do like to point out the key differences of Nevada and Kansas based on style I have witnessed girls wearing the past few weeks.

Nevada: Oversized T-shirts used as dresses

Kansas: Sundresses

Kansas has an array of weather changes as well as seasons because of it’s location in the Midwest. The second the weather is warm girls love to get their dresses out. Nevada is more hot and dry because of the deserts that surrounds it. What I noticed in Nevada is that the girls use men’s t-shirts or oversized shirts as dresses. They turn a simple men’s shirt into something quite girly.

Nevada: Rompers

Kansas: Short Overalls

Rompers were the go-to casual style in Kanas. They are light and airy for those horrendously humid days that would last for weeks. In Nevada I see a lot of girls wearing overall shorts paired with a crop tops, t-shirts or bralettes. I thought this was different because girls rarely wore things like this in Kansas.

Nevada: Flower Headbands

Kansas: Turban Headbands

In Kansas a lot of the girls tend to be wearing turban headbands in variety of ways: hair down, up-dos, braids and the list goes on. Typically used for girls who wanted a quick fix for second day hair. In Nevada I see a lot of the girls wearing flower headbands. I find this very trendy because it alludes to the hippie style that most people like to emulate.

Nevada:  White Nikes

Kansas: White Converse

In Kansas, girls wear white converse with literally everything. It’s almost quite aggravating. They were them with shorts, skinny jeans, skirts, once I knew a few girls that wore them to prom to be “different.” Converse can be make your girly outfit look more sporty. In Nevada, I see lots of girls wearing white Nikes or something similar, but it’s white. They keep them clean and scuff-free. A lot of work to keep shoes clean if you ask me.

Nevada: Full Lipstick 

Kansas: Darkening Eyebrows

In Kansas, girls are very particular about their eyebrows. They have to look a certain and are usually darkened to make them more defined. Lots of girls on my Facebook like to post pictures about how great their eyebrows look. In Nevada, I noticed most girls wear full on lipstick. The color varies depending on the type of outfit they are wearing.

***This list is not standard, it is based off of what I have observed. Not all girls wear these things and this is only what I have taken note of.***


About meetmeinnevada

A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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4 Responses to Fashion in a Different State

  1. That’s a lot of differences! love both the headbands!


  2. I’m much more KS than NV!

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