Slang I Don’t Understand

I was at the mall today grabbing some lunch while I shopped and I overheard a group of four girls while in the food court. They were all dressed to the T; hair and make-up done, name brand shoes and clothes. They all looked simply flawless. They were laughing and talking about someone who wasn’t present in their group.

“Hey what happened between you and Rose?”  One of the girls asked.

“She didn’t see it coming, but I dragged her!” One girl proclaimed.

The girls all burst out laughing uncontrollably.

I didn’t quite understand. The way they used the term “dragged” it felt completely foreign to me. It’s something I have never heard before or have ever used. I didn’t mean to listen in on their conversation, but it was hard not to considering they were talking loudly and were two feet from the table I was occupying. As they continued on with their conversation I got a clue as to what the term “dragged” could possibly mean.

Yeah, but she doesn’t realize that she does it too! It’s not just me. I’ll drag someone that acts fake.” The second girl said to continue her story.

From what I could gather, the term “dragged” is another way to call someone out. The way the girls used the term it sounded almost demeaning.



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A Kansas girl trying to navigate the changes of the big city of Las Vegas, Nevada by talking about life, thoughts, and relationships.
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