How I Live Now

I have always wanted to start a personal blog, but I didn’t know what to write about. I always believed my life was far from interesting and I doubted anyone would actually want to read about it. I had to get myself out of that mindset. I love to write and what better way to share my love of writing was to start blogging. The best type of medicine is the ability to get your thoughts down and out of your head. Now that I finally have a topic to write about I feel that I can share my life. This will definitely be a learning experience, but I’m never done learning.

I recently just moved from the capital city of Kansas to Nevada’s Sin City! Here in this blog, I will detail thoughts, experiences, and life. Navigating a new city is an experience and I want to share it. I went this experience to be a good one and I have to approach this with a positive attitude.

I want to look back on this and tell myself that moving to Nevada was the right choice for me.